Resources You Will Need
Click on the websites under your role to research what life is like for you in the colony. Try to find answers to your mindmap questions.
Convictsconvicts.JPG - you see images of primary sources related to convict life (e.g. clothing). - Find out who the convicts were, where they came from, and the work they had to - Find out about a convict's daily life. - Click on this site to research convict clothing, food and work. - Read the stories of individual convicts.

arthurphillip.JPG - read real accounts of the day Governor Phillip made a speech in front of the convicts who had just arrived. Find out about the Governor's wealth and authority in the colony. - read diary entries from a government official, talking about the landscape and ‘Natives’ he has discovered in the colony. - read some of the journal entries from Governor Macquarie to find out about his discoveries of new land, his meetings with other officials and his wealthy lifestyle. - read some of the diary entries of Governor Macquarie and his wife as they discover new lands; and find out about their daily lives.
Aboriginal Peoples
Aboriginal.jpg - find out how Aboriginal ways of life changed after British arrival. - view some primary source pictures and writings to find out how the British viewed the Aboriginal people. - have a look at this timeline of important events to do with Aboriginal peoples during early colony times. - read some stories of individual Aboriginal peoples who stood up against the British. - watch this short video to find out how colonisation has affected Aboriginal ways of life.

Female Factory Workers - discover what life was like for female convicts working in the factory.jpgCascades Female Factory in Tasmania. - find out how the women lived inside the Parramatta Female Factory. - read some general information about what life was like for convict women in NSW. - discover more about the women assigned to work at the Parramatta Female Factory. - view some images of primary sources which show how these women lived.

explorer.JPG - read about the voyages of Bass and Flinders - early explorers who discovered new landscapes in the new colony. - discover more information about Matthew Flinders the explorer. - click on one explorer to discover more information about the discoveries that made during the time of the early colony. - read about one or two of the scientists who arrived on the First Fleet, and who helped to make important discoveries in the colony.

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