convicts4.JPGTask Steps
1. Brainstorm brainstorm.JPG
Record some questions you would like to research about what life is like for you in the early colony. Use Inspiration to create a mindmap of your questions.
2. Research research.JPG
Use the resources to find answers to your questions about colony life.
Record your findings in your mindmap. Save in class folder under your name.
3. Share your experiencesshare.JPG
Share your experiences of what colony life is like for you. Use your research findings to write a brief description/personal story.
4. Find others who share similar experiences find.JPG
Comment on other’s posts (descriptions) in the forum to find others who have had similar colony experiences as you. Ask good questions so you can find out who feels the same way about colony life as you do.
Find three others who agree with you. This will be your group for the rest of the task.
5. Prepare your argument to present to the General prepare.JPG
Meet with your group of four and make notes (arguments) about how you will convince the British General whether or not colonisation has been a success. Include each others' research findings about colony life in your arguments. Remember to work as a group to convince the General of your stance.
6. Present your case to the General debate.JPG
Your group will present your arguments against another group of four in the debate.
Click here to see how you will be assessed on the debate.